Friday, January 20, 2012

whatever crap i write

hi everyone.heee

nak cerita ape ek.okey la.i start with singapore trip.i went to singapore actually only with my mom and aunty normah n my fav cousin nadira.i dunno y i find her so lawak.she always makes me laugh in lots of ways.sometimes i think she's more funnier than me.i dont find myself as lawak,i find myself as clumsy which leads to lawak la.hahah..okey what i bebel nie.whatever.nways yg singapore trip tu,it was a budget trip but sgt thrilling n enjoyable.serius,tak tipu.we really like berjalan sana sini.the cheap hotel that we stayed only for sleep n rest purposes.not for lepaking.nway,places that we went were orchard road,mustapa,universal studio,zoo singapura,bugis junction,flyer n duck tour.i really had fun.n i shop lots of things too.but i really want that doc mart  almost flats shoe.or almost like boot but its ankle n no need to tie up boots.heee

my holiday almost ended.argh! again y time flies so fast?so there are several things i need to do.those are

1)buat bunga.make sure siap!!!
2)meet up with my girls
3)buat resume
4)fyp.alaaa.yg nie yg lemah.

i think thats all for today.toodles! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

yuna again!

hi everyone.
its been a long time since i blog.ya ya ya.i know.i oways start my blog with 'it been a long time bla bla'.i know,annoying right.but what to do,it is indeed i havent blog for a long time.heee.btw,this coming saturday which on 7 of january 2012,i am going to yuna's concert.actually the purpose of this show is to launch her second,i will consider it as album launching instead of concert.haha.but im so excited since i will be one of the earliest person to hear her second album.i once went to her concert las time at dewan philharmonik was enjoyable.she was too talented.n i believe she really works hard to excel in this music industry :) .i like that kind of this will be her second show i watch.if im in a good mood ill be posting bout yuna's show okey.laterr!