Sunday, July 21, 2013

Resolusi membeli-belah

Things i wana buy on jan 2014 :

1) jeans koyak topshop - baju
2) High waisted jeans joni topshop -baju
3) Mom's jeans tophop - baju
4) Jeggings gelap topshop - baju
5) skirt midi bodycon topshop - baju crop ketat
6) bodycon midi dress topshop
7) Pointy Pump shoes, nk rendah2 punye je
8) Wedges! yg byk2 tali!

How bout dat biatch! haha

Tips how to buy shoes

Tips how to buy shoes :

1) dont buy expensive flats
2) Invest in comfy and quality pump wedges or open wedges
3)Dont buy heels that has more than 4" height
4) Do online shopping research
5) Buy one oxford shoes. haha! for the sake of having one.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Resolution yg harus dilupakan seketika

Kalau perasan, ramai gila orang gebang dengan resolusi masing2 right after they graduated. Ade yang nk keje oil n gas, or nak kerja di company yg besar2 sahaja.Yang kecik2 ni buat simpanan je. Dh kerja pulak nak kahwin, x payah kumpul duit, teros dh boleh kahwin. x aci. haha. But getting married is depending on the family, so if family nk awal, blh la awal. If not, kena la kumpul duit smpi duit cukup. Tidak cukup dengan itu, ade yang mahu membeli rumah. Part ni mcm wow, so fast meh u want to buy house. But those who posses salary in the range of rm4000 to rm5000, I think its relevant for u to buy house. Akan tetapi, rmi yg gaji byk camni, they also not sure where to reside. Its because usually those who posses high rank of salary work in oil n gas field. Normally, oil n gas field provide vacancy di hulu2, not in the middle of city. So xkan nk duduk hulu kan. tp whatever. Ade pula yg nak ade anak. Mcm2 la.So di sini nk jelas my resolution yg saya mahu sekarang, n resolution yg i want later.

Resolution skrg:

1) nak isi log book iem
2)buat resume baru
3)anta resume baru ke company in kl
4)nak pindah kl before kahwin
4)nak tunang
5)nak kahwin
6)nak practice make up
7) nak practice buat rambut
8) nak practice buat hantaran
9) look for things for hantaran
10) kenali bunga
11) nak kawin
12) nk jadi org yg byk tanya, n jd org yg selambe. how bout dat! haha
13) beli kereta
14) spend more time with frens
tu jelah setakat ni. byk sgt ni

Resolution later
1) beli rumah.
2) ade anak

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July resolution

1 to update resume n send to companies in kl
2 to pergi terawikh at least 10 kali
3 to hv plans before commence daily work. Haha
4 to read lots. If possible I would like to finish the hunger games book and shopaholic book this month. *Fingers crossed. Boy, with internet everywhere, its hard for me to focus on other things. Damn!


There are so much things I would like to buy now. Arghhh. First it was clarisonic. Tool which function to open the pores so that the beauty product u utilize can be absorbed easily. Did u know that the problem of our skin problem is not because of cheap beauty product or rather the expensive ones. It was because the product is not absorb efficiently to our skin. Hmm. My mom has that tool. Unfortunately it belongs to her instead of me plus she bought the tool. Thus of course the tools is hers. Then the next things I want to buy is pointy shoes. I want the average height of pointy heels shoes. I dont think I could stand wearing 4" high heels. I mean it does elongate my leg but then again its not relevent. Not to forget I want the most comfortable pointy shoes ever. Its because i dont come from wealthy family so I cant bear buy lots of shoes at one time. I must limit my choice since I hv tight budget. But im still very thankful with things I have. Im happy. Okey back to the story, my point is I dont know which one to prioritize and the list goes on. Haha. Aigooo. K la. Tu je. Toodles