Monday, July 23, 2012


i did tell right i am about to be interviewed this wednesday. I am a bit perplexed now on what kind of hairstyle i should do. hellp me. okey, i think i would like to do only ponytail hairstyle because it is easy, not wasting time and i spend my whole life perfecting only this kind of hairstyle. boo-hoo. But the again i was thinking bun hairstyle. however, in order to do 'bun', i must tie my hair really tight to get a perfect 'bun'.im afraid my hair could get damaged because of the tightness i tied. hmm. i think about later

p/s: aku malas nk tgk my cousin convo. lagi mahu lari lagi datang. x phmm :( haha

interview poyo!

Did i tell you im in the midst of hunting job. i did right. huhu. i wasn't vigorously looking for a job since the transcript was issued on 13th of July.Without the transcript, its hard for me to look for a job.I did apply one or two companies, but it wasn't that many. I still can count the applications using my fingers.

So, i did get one interview from this company called Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). I know, lame right. However, i was quite excited to get the opportunity. The interview is not a personal kind of interview. It is called Group Discussion Interview. The sole purpose of this interview is to observe each personality of each candidates. They want to see whether we could communicate and be able to listen to other's opinion or not.They also want to see how our personality are. Is it quirky,charming,charismatic, or just plain altruism personality.

From 11000 people who applied for this interview, only 3000 were chosen to be in this so-called group discussion interview. The latter only 48 people will be chosen to attend or join the PEP training under TNB. BTW,i forgot to tell u, this is not interview for engineering position, it is only interview for engineering trainee. Well, its not trainee as in like an intern, it is trainee or preparation to be an engineer. If i was accepted in this program, i will be trained by TNB for about one year.

At first, i was not keen to work in this company, as i thought this company only provide electricity to Malaysian citizen. Boy, i was wrong. TNB not only involved in generating power, they also involved in switchgear business, consultancies and many more. I could not remember. hehe. Most importanly, TNB also has wide and tremendous network. Its just we were always overshadowed by TNB was functioning as electricity provider.

All in all, now for the preparation for interview, i only read information on TNB's website, reading newspaper especially on business column, and relearn on MUET speaking test. haha. whatever

k la malas nak tulis panjang. toodles.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Boyfriend

if u have had the desire to tolerate with him. Then, he's the one for you. Well, its my opinion. what do u think?

this is him. heeee. this is him on 2010 raya i guess. i cant remember. it was before the braces. So 2010 it is. I could not understand why im becoming such a tolerable person when im with him. I guess that's a good thing. Not everyone is perfect right. We need to accept flaws from other people so that we can be happy. weee.