Sunday, January 13, 2013

random post

for me,what u buy need to be in par with what u wear. so dont buy expensive things and end up wearing some effortless bad style. pls. pls. if u want me to explain here, im afraid it will become a controversial post. eceyyy,not that anyone will read my blog. haha! but still, as a precaution. hehe.

Friday, January 11, 2013


hola peoplee!
 haha. i miss blogging tho. btw im now in miri! City where u dont need to stress bout traffic jam and lost plenty of  money.haha.Really, i can really save money by living here since there is not so much things i can,its been 2 weeks im here in miri.So far,its been good.Of course, i miss my  family,my friends and also my partner a k a zaki but i was occupied with works.Thus i have no time to immerse myself in sad lonely phase.I really love working here,it is just that i hate when miri has no entertainment place where i can visit often.i heard the cinema here is sad.They dont really focus in giving good services to customer.Thus when u watch movie in miri, sometimes there was a moment when the film get burned and the movie was stop halfway.haha.How funny and frustrating is that :( . But then again is okey since i have plenty of entertainments at my sister's house.hehe.Oh i forgot to mention bout here in miri i live with my sister.hehe.So thats y i feel okey to live here.hehe.

so itu jelah. toodles