Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Am having headache recently. I think its cause by my lack of sleeping. Its hard for me to fall asleep at 10pm. I dont know why. I guess I want to cherish every minute of me waking up. Do u get what I mean. No eh. Who cares. I also think my headache cause by pre-menstruation too. Pity me. Hopefully I recover fast so that I could have productive day at office. Go away headache.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New apps for blogger like me

Haha. Am no famous blogger.But im so excited to know that this apps is actually exist.Call me noob or whatever, im still excited.haha.The fact that I can just post my recent activities here in this blog.Sooo excited.Technology indeed has its own advantages.huhu.Okey I leave u with photo of me n my bf during 2010 and 2012.Oh how I miss him but then again truthfully I love being in miri coz I get to spend time only with myself. Sometimes I wish I hv my close frens here but its ok.Im ok with or without them so far. Huhu. But then again after 1 year being here Im not sure if I suddenly cant stand anymore n decide to go bck kl instead.Hahahaha.We'll see.Ok thats all.toodles.

June Resolution

1) to make sure i've completed replacing puasa ganti
2) to play guitar more
3) to read BEM flyer
4) to finish slides on MCT, Cable Gland, Cable and Cable Tray
5) to start sewing (this one need to hold first haha but still i want 2 put in my resolution)