Saturday, October 15, 2011

hi blog-sphere.its been long time. :p

if u want people to compliment u,n then that's when u have the urge to be stylo.then u r not CREATIVE.well thats just my opinion.heee.bye!fyii,i kinda love fashion but i have no money to buy different types of clothes.sigh.but still am very grateful with what i i leave u guys with some random pic*ape nie!xde kaitan.hahah

stress.internet uniten slow mcm kura2 accident! bye!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


OMG,its been a long time since i post gahhh! aku pemalas nyer! not that i malas.i forget other than zaki,i still can occupy myself with other things.silly me! i runaway from my blogging commitment.y oh y! i know! maybe coz internet in my college sucks big i felt so lazy to update,to wait for my post to be,here we are,no post in a long timeeee! anyway anywho,this year is my final year of study.scary bukan?iye,it scares the hell out of worried about my fyp project actually.i dont know which topic should i choose.from the list of my fyp titles,most of the project i dont even,i need to do some research to get a little bit of ideas.arghh! dh la! bye. apprently im still stressed out!

Friday, September 2, 2011


heyyy everyone!
i hope its not too late for me to wish u all SELAMAT HARI RAYA and MAAF ZAHIR BATIN.
how was ur raya days?mine same old same old.on 1st and 2nd raya,i went to my mom's hometown which located at pahang (cover on area kuala atok,raub,lipis and bentong).on 3rd raya n 4th raya,my family and i went to my father's side which located at batu pahat,johor,We went to johor bahru as to visit Mak Ani (my daddy's elder sister).On pahang side,my family will visit relatives or cousins on my grandpa's side since we barely meet is because we are not that close with my cousins on my grandpa's side due to distance.It has always been my mother who encourage us to meet cousins on my grandpa's side.if i happen to beraya alone with my own family,i don't think i would visit my relatives on my grandpa's side as i barely know them because we are not close with them unlike cousins on my grandma's side :) .On my father's side,we met only my father's siblings since my father is the youngest one,so it is an obligation for us to visit all my father's siblings.Only Nyayi Tina was not one of my father's siblings.She is related to my grandparents on my father's side but im not sure what kind of just skip that part.

dah la.malas nak tulis panjang.i have loads of photos during hari raya days.but im just too lazy to upload.On my next post PROBABLY (insyaAllah) ill upload them! SELAMAT HARI RAYA!

Friday, August 12, 2011


i always think pink pants looks bad on everyone.*mostly looks bad la,however there are some ppl who can pull it off.anyway,i love pants shows on pic above.well,its not really is actually a jeans.a pink jeans which i rarely see in Malaysia.I love the colour,the JEANS structure on it.U know,usually pink pants only have a bright color.meaning,it almost has no bleach structure on it,unlike pic above.*do u get what im eh.ok bye.
So,can i have this jeans :( .but i dont think in malaysia,this jeans available.coz malaysia its not a country which offer u lots of options to buy the newest collection of fashion items.unless u go to boutique like Topshop,Miss Selfridge.Which it will cost u like 4$@#%$%&$^&@#$.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sewing class

did i tel u that ive registered myself into sewing class.this idea came out when everytime i went to boutique clothes like topshop,it bugs me out to see a simple clothes in within ridicolous prices.Somehow the tops that topshop sells made u think that 'why dont u just register urself into sewing class and make ur own tops based on idea of topshop tops'.Anddd that is why la i decided to register myself into sewing class.

My class has started las week already.I took class where i need to sew skirt(this is basic ok,before u do any patterns of clothes,u r obliged to make a skirt),slack,jubah and baju kemeja.Why i didnt choose to sew baju kurung?its because i find that i dont wear baju kurung that,throughout my intern,ive never ever ever wear baju kurung to work.Plus,i work in a very cold place.not as cold as antartica la.just a normal factory cold.u know,sometimes factory they wana control the quality of the product, they have to make sure that the place is cold.As u know,the temperature could effect the yield product that they produce.

Enuf on the cold working place,soooo i started sew the skirt already.I almost finished sewing it.Last time i did not manage to finish it since i went to replacement class.Because i took class on wednesday and thursday.Since las thursday i could not come because the workers under Mr Hafiz(my manager) have a break fast together at ancasa hotel and the foods are all paid by Mr Hafiz.hehe.So,for those who were not going,its their loss la kan.i didnt want to miss the chance n so i went.hehe.Btw,the replacement class i went which was on las saturday,there were too many students,so i have limited time to make sure my sewing teacher pay attention to me.I need to wait in case i have question to ask.So those things delay my time to finish the skirt.pity me.its okey,nex class i will finish the skirt in short amount of time :p

I forgot to tell that my class is actually starts from 5.30pm untill 9.00pm on every wednesday and thursday.I dont mind right after work im going to sewing class since this is what i really want :) . If you want it,you gotta work for it right.Plus,i have the oppurtunity to learn it,so why not.Thus ppl,doesnot mean u live in a quite luvury living,u dont have to do anything.Do something! Do different things as this could echance ur creativity skills.So i guess thats it

Toodles :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

zaki zainuri

Today i wanna talk about relationship,

fyi ppl,me and n my bf have been together for about 2 years and 6 months ++.for some ppl,i know u guys think we have been together for  quite long.However,i never think that way.Have u heard bout the more u learn the more stupid u are(i know my grammar is bad,just deal with it).thats how i feel.It means,the longer ur relationship,the more fragile it can get.For the past 2 year and 6 months ++,we've been throught a lot.Last time,my bf did cheated by entertaining other woman to pleased himself.But as far as i hate what he did to me,i must say that everybody is not perfect.So i think in this case both of us meaning me and bf both were wrong.I used to have high expectation on my bf.Maybe because of that he couldnt stand my attitude,thus he find other girl to be with him.We did fight over this issues.But somehow the one that gave in was me.Because i value this relationship so much and i always believe that my bf doesnt love any other girl other than me.I always believe his heart only filled with one girl which is me. :) .Right after the fight,i am a very tolerable person.I dont like to fight,so i choose to give in.I always listen when he expresses his feeling towards me.I dont call(this help ya ppl,coz the more u talk the more angry u can get-this happen when u fight la).I dont ask him to do things as I say(in this case i give him freedom to do anything that he wants).I have faith in him.I appreciate him more.n lastly i have no high expectation on him.I know he has done his best to make me happy.n for that I love him so so much. (but of coz la me ada ngade2 here and there,but not too ngade2 la).

: P

So ppl apprecite people around u!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i feel contented with my life :)

God works in funny ways i guess, he gives you almost everything then deliberately leaves ONE small thing, making you feel ... incomplete. it's purely because He knows if he gives you everything, we human tend to forget and get carried away. so this is His way of making sure , somehow someway you'll come back to Him. that's the whole point, i think.
REMINDER.  i took this from one of medic student blog.i dont wana steal it.i jut wana keep those words she wrote as a reminder to myself.hope she wont get mad.peace!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


treat people the same way u want to be treated
meaning dont be evil. haha.

*just some random idiom which created by me n inspired by abg ijok a k a my bf.hehe

Monday, June 27, 2011

orang cantik,pastu pandai

just to let u know,i sometimes have jealousy towards girl who has brain as well as prettiness.i mean,how could she get both.even my bf got irratated when i oways complaint bout a girl who is beautiful and smart.hehe.

however,i dont reach  point till i wana hate girls who have both characteristics.i mean its not their fault rite for having both.hehe.for me,those kinda girls are the inspiration for me to look beautiful n be smart as well.just so u know,when i was a kid ,i am far from being a smart person,coz i oways failed in certain subjects.n it started since i was in standard four.imagine how worry my mom cud be in those days.haha.but now i cant say that i am a smart girl,its just imma girl who cud take care of herself. :) .such relief.haha.

in short,don be jealous with those girl.take them positively.i mean let them inspired u to be a better person.its quite normal for a girl to get envy with pretty n intelligence girl.k,itu sahaja.just wana let out my thoughts.

Friday, June 17, 2011

dress lawa :)

sayang ( zaki zainuri ) , can i have this wedding dress please on our wedding day : p.(*bajet nak kawin thun ni,pdhal lame agi ) lawa kan . i cant help myself from posting this picture.the dress is so nice n sweet.simple yet sophisticated (*apakah). hehe.but the guy's suit likeeeee , i dont quite like it.coz i love guy in tradisional wedding suit (u get wht i mean ritee )  :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

y intern too long mehhh.

hari ini mcm rasa sedih laa.hish.benci btol.i need to always remind myself to stay happy n positive.i hate my newself.i hate it!i feel like nowadays im jst too sensitive.thats suck rite.i know.actually,this morning,suddenly my mom brought a story bout me hating my intern.coz i was so damn bored here in the office.ive had work.butttt,my works are all done already.not to berlagak but sometimes i feel like when u r rite here in the Texas,ppl actualy dont bother about interns.they just do their work without having any concern on intern.mite as well Texas tak pyh ade intern kan?huh.i dont know la.

but the thing that made me sad today is i actually raise my voice towards my parents just bcoz i wana to show how angry i am coz they didnt listen to me when i was asking them opinion bout this internship.dis morning, my mom said that i actually neva mention bout me wanted to learn sewing during two months period.meaning,i do the internship 3 month,n another 2 months left i want to actully enter sewing class.all those thing happened during breakfst.on my way to office,i actually cried coz i felt so awful raising up voice towards my parents.hish.benci lah.i dont know la.

sometimes i think i have to cope with so many things in a blink of an eye.meaning changes happen to me in short amount of time.i hate it!the things that i need to cope with are buying zaki his new bb since i lost his ipod (*actually i jst wanted to buy him ipod touch since i lost his ipod,but he refused.he still wanted bb.n it actually bothers me.sigh),need to cope with relationship (*rite now i just dono what zaki wants,i jst dono.i just wana back off from this relationship since i think he oso doesnt commit to it.idk la.he came to ampang to meet me,but we didnt have the istiqamah bonding nowadays.when he feels like wana text,he text,but when he feels dont,he that la),to cope with being nice to ppl in Texas when i actually dont want to,to cope with home(when i got bck home,i need to cook just bcoz my mom sometimes lazy to it kinda pissed me off,but what to do.u gotta do what u have to rite.).

Those are the things that i need to cope with.ntahla,i hate internship.i think its just a waste of time.i rather stdy than doin internship.i just wanna get out from circle of problems that i actually have to think the solution of it.k la.i think thats about myra,stay positive n stay happy.u can go thru this!love urself before u love others.u can do it! come on!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

nak post gak!

hensem kan para PM kite dulu.hehe.i cant help it,nak gak zaki definitely looks like Tun Mahathir.haha.perahsan skit.but the IQ part of Tun, i dunno if zaki have it or not.hopefuli ada.wah!k bye

Monday, May 30, 2011


As much as i hate when zaki texting me less nowadays,i oso feel happy.i mean not that he doesnt love me rite.Its is just time for us to have our own life despite we are in relationship.At first i felt like i cant accept.However as time goes by,i think i can slowly adapt with it.hehe.Now that zaki a k a my bf has more friends,it made me happy already.Now also,he likes to give 100% focus on his study.Not for his future,but for my future as well ritee.hehe.

Last time i was having big fight with my bf due to him wana have his own space.Mybe he felt drowning coz he needed to text me like all the time.At that time,i felt really depressed coz i dont know who else am gonna text if he wanted his own also afraid that i will care less for him after this.However,i was wrong.its true when ppl said,when u love someone u willing to do anything to him/her.Hehe.thats how i feel towards zaki.i love him.he teached me to stand on ur own nowadays since i am one year to go before im going to a new phase of life which is working life. :) .

I read one of my bestfriend blog which is zatul.First of all let me clarify to u guys.when we were in high school,she neva stick to one guy.if let say she was having relationship with this guy,there must be some other guy who flirted with her at the same time.n she even said to me that 'aku tak ske kapel ngan laki jauh2,aku kalo ley nak laki yg dekat2 je ngan aku'.n yet she is now having relationship with an army who lives hundreds miles away from her n yet she is loyal.haha.lawak kan.In short,in high school she was kinda fragile teenager who cried a lot unlike me.but now things changed,she is now the tough woman n i am,we can see that love sumhow can change people kan?exquisite :) .anyway,in her blog she had stated that in relationship u need to have 3T's which are True ,Trust  and Tolerate.So i am now need to be true to zaki.meaning i need to be honest with zaki all the time.n trust him if let say he wants to focus on study for exmple.lastly i need to tolerate with him.let say if he doesnt want to text,then dont whatever u wanna  do  for exmple like sewing,play piano or surf the net. :)) .

In conclusion,i love love towards him has increased from days to days.after this i promise i wont trouble zaki nymore by making him pay for our anniversary or whatsoeva.i mean it feels good to meet him than to let him buy me a dress,shirt,flare jeans or whatsoeva rightt.hehe.In short,i dont  want to make he feels drown when he is with me.if let say he wants to leave me,its up to him.its hiss loss not mine.*positif kan?.but i hope he wont la kann. :)) .n let say if he cheated on me,its his loss too,not mine. :)) .but i hope he wont cheat.lastly,i want to tell whole wide world that i love my MANfriend very much n thnk u so much zaki for teaching me to be a matured woman.haha.*bajet matured gile skrg. : p

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Be strong honey!

As long as zaki dont pay all my life expenses.I think me n zaki need to chill.Thats all! Fyi,right now zaki requested me to let him have his own space.So HUMAIRA! just chill,its not like d end of the world already if let say he does not want to be you.okey? Be strong,u know u can go thru this.Love yourself n family.U know ur family always be there for you. kiss kiss to yourself. :)

Can you pay my bills?
Can you pay my telephone bills?
Do you pay my automo' bills?
If you did then maybe we could chill !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my intern salary

I have two things that i really wana buy.just to reward myself out of my intern salary.Those two things are

a)ripped off jeans
b)wide leg jeans

i really want both of the above.hehe

Saturday, May 7, 2011

graduation gift.miahaha

i think i know what i want after i graduate coz my bro used to promise that he will give me anything as a graduation gift from him to me.hehe.thus i want bag fossil which looks like mulberry bag.the pattern is just like below.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who should make the first it a boy or a girl?

for me,i think guys shud make the first move.i mean reality check,it has always been that way..dont u think?i mean when a girl ask a guy to be her bf.dont u think its a bit weird.i mean girls cud make the 1st move,but then agaian u cannot make it look that obvious,u get what i mean.many ppl are disagree with me,but sumhow i think guys still shud make the first move.however girls,dont get to attached with that guy or in other word dont trust that guy too much until u willing to give allowance to that guy.i mean come on,he cud take care of himself,be aware.till next time.bye3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The mangement of energizer nite run race event is suck BIG TIME.

on 16 april 2011 which was yesterday.i participated in this one event called energizer nite run race.i have big expectation with this event.unfortunely this event suck big time u know.i hate it.when we want to start the race,the organizer already scolded us coz many ppl didnt listen to their instruction which was follow the gate on back instead of a front gate.but how can we know,there was gate on the back but  lots of ppl actually crowded on front gate,how we supposed to know there was gate at the back.haaish then,y front gate only available for VIP.i mean we all pay just to participate in this race all of us have the rite to choose go to front or gate on the back.and then,the direction was suck big time too.the didnt give us the damn direction n ppl could easily ran on the grass instead on the circuit itself.haish.n the water station also was not enuf.n think the ppl who manage this event were not that many.stupid.the cheapskate event ever.nway.i leave y'all with pictures of me n my friends n kazen at sepang circuit.

Friday, April 15, 2011


people.listen to this me,it brigthen up ur day.n smile alwayss!

Happy news

my boo got 3.00 for his GPA.congratss uu! u deserve it.nwayy,am sori if i hurt u during,before or after finals.i am a bad gf.only u could stand with my temper that i think other guy wouldnt.hehe.if u wana why i dont tel my result,it is bcoz my result didnt come out on uniten's website,coz i dont pay yet the fees on that sem.hehe.pity me,so i guess u guys have to wait ya!.whatever my result is,i am grateful.kena grateful! remember myra,dont compare urself with other people.

p/s:i miss moment of me.bibi n rin study together while listening to 2pm song.i miss those moment.uwaa.n i cant believe i actually miss to studyy!. haha

Wednesday, April 6, 2011




2 jelah kot.agagagaga

Monday, April 4, 2011

1 week of holiday

weehoo!i have one week of  holiday.only one week.sedihh.coz nex wik i start the internship in texas instrument not sure if im ready to go for an internship there.coz study n working r two different things.i prefer to study than to work.however,when u work,all ur stress will get pay off by shoppingg at the end of every ppl,this holiday,all i wana do are *out of topic jp

1)sew buttons on zaki's cardigan
2)read all the regulations of LI in texas
3)play piano.what song?idk
 thats about it.bye

Monday, March 28, 2011

I am really tired

yeay.finals done!  but seriouly,i feel so freaking tired.not that i cud answer my las paper which was power sys,its jst i feel tired coz i think i studyy wayy too much already.haha.poyo lah.but what to do,as a student,study is number one priority. :) .right afterr final,i need to complete one more task which is doing an internship.not task la,more like kerja.apekah!uwaaa.but at least i have income which is not a lot,only rm500.hahaha.exaggerate a bit! haha . k lah.i wana sleep. :) .if i rajin,ill post more! which will like 5 tahun agi *haha,ayat bibi

i just love what this woman wears!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Avril's new album

currently am listening to avril's song in her new album.actually im not her biggest fan.but i must say that she's quite a talented song writer.i don like her konon2 rock songs.i just love her simple song.basicly i love the song that she wrote that really comes from her bottom of her heart.i heard only 2 songs in her goodbye lullaby album.quite okeyla.lagu2 comel gitu.the two songs i listened are i love and i wish u were here.the jiwang songs la i know.hehe.eventho i hate her new video which called what the hell (*bcoz  i think she changed too much already.thus i think she's a bit hypocrite.muahahah).but that doesnt restrain me from listening to her other songs.muahaha.k lah.wana is just around the bucu.bye!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am Stressed!

I have two assigments to needs to be present.and one needs to be submit only.uwaaa.those 2 assigments i havent finish yet are subjects

1)Communication System
2)Pwer system

Saturday, March 12, 2011

its been a long time since i blog.i got lots of stories to tell.but i kinda lazy to tell.hehe.anyway,enjoy my favorite video of the day!

they all are so cuteee.hehe.i've never seen a boyband yg semuanya look handsome!!!2PM,i think im in love with u.especially wongyoung! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


recently me n anak zainuri was having a fight,but now we r already in good condition.HAHA.

*btw,i miss marathon.cant wait 4 energizer marathon on this 16 of april. :) *xde motif

Saturday, February 26, 2011


did i mention to u guys,i supposedly have to meet my lecturer regarding  to my micropi project.Well actually we went to his office,but he was not,we postponed our meeting to this monday.*sigh.asik2 tangguh.micropi project is freaking bloody hard.uwaaa.supposely,electrical is not all about doing the coding,its about wiring,circuit n tell me why im doing all this bloody coding.tell me tell me tell tell tell tell me.! ok stress!

can someone buy this blouse for moi.! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I Choose to be an electrical engineer.WHY WHY??

mommy!!! i am stressed looking out for the coding which could make the number come out from seven segment display.That only include small part of this project.i dont reach  yet part where we need to know about how we want to do the hardware y'all.*sigh.n for your information,i got C for micropi subject.thus,could u imagine a person who has little knowledge about micropi,but then that person needs to do a project related to this clueles,im helpless,im less less less.haha.tomorow me n my group have meeting with our lab instuctor,hopefully he will together brain-storming with us on how to do this micropi project.sooooo,thats about it.its 12.43 am,i really need to sleep.because for the past 4 days i havent got a chance to rest a little while longer.i was verryyyyy busy with tests.emphasize on alphabet S behind test word.i had 2 test which were Digital Signal Processing and Power System.Alhamdulillah,i could answer both.*,,nite nite y'all.till next post.i leave u guys with a picture that has no connection to my post.hahahaha

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

stupid girl do exist in this world.

have u ever thot that u r goin to have an enemy someday.for me,i never ever thot of that.coz i thought dat people are not perfect,so in case if they have any weird kind of attitude,i tot i will be able to ignore it.but there is one person i could not ignore.i cannot tell the name.coz im afraid that if any of my friend from UNITEN read this blog would do their own assumption.i dont want that to happen coz it will cause more trouble.i hate her.coz she could manipulate your mind by saying bad things about other people.she is not a pretty girl pun.thus,i could not understand why she behave like that.she loves to scold towards others just because she thinks she is right and she thinks she could throw away her anger towards stupid is that!i never hate anyone as much as i hate her.before this,i kinda dunt mind if she/he has some lack of good attitudes coz i know we arent perfect,so we just have to deal with other's bad attitudes.but my situation with this girl is out of borderline already.i cant just stand.hope she changed which i dont think she will.because she cares only about her bf more than she cares about her friends.i think one day,if she lose her bf,she will know how important friends are.n how lonely can she gets.

p/s:i love my friends.i barely admit any of my friends as my bestfriend coz im afraid i dont reach that t certain standard to be their bestfriend and im also afraid i jst being plain full out of myself.haha

Thursday, February 17, 2011

pukul 2.42 pagi

its 2.42 am already,n I havent sleep yet.coz i read my  old blog which can be read only by old blog had mentioned bout how i started my relationship with MOHD RASYDAN ZAKI.HAHA.i miss those kind of feelings.haha.dulu semua mende bes,but now still best but not as best as those times when u di awal perkenalan.hahaha.poyo kan.okey,u can shoot me now.hehe.anyway,i just hope that this relationship last.i don wana have high expection on this relationship.n thats y im hoping.hehe.k guys,i leave u pic with ma man.*not that u wana tgk my pic kan.agaga.

Friday, February 11, 2011

one hour ergo challenge was indeed a happening event.ALHAMDULILLAH

im glad that one hour ergo was happening yesterday..despite some kekurangan here n there,we all dpt overcome those kekurangan dgn okey.n im also glad that we managed to get 12 teams within 2 weeks time.fuhh,lega.n i really appreciate to those who helped me managing this event.without u guys,i am nothing. : )

i hope after this all UNITEN  student dont underestimate UNITEN rowers anymore just because they think rowing looks like an easy,rowing needs lots of commitment,without it,u go nowhere.rowing also needs technique.we cannot just row on ergo machine without asking anyone for a guidance to row .hahaha.

during that event,it was funny to see those who row on ergo machine.they used lots of technique base on their understanding.there were those who pull the ergo but hold the handle in the middle,that technique was wrong,coz if u do that,ur power is goin nowhere.u have to hold the handle at tepi2 skit.agaga.they were also participant who think that the more baring u are,the more power u get.haha.itu lawak!that is also wrong.on real boat,if u do that u may capsize.hahaha.the faces expression that made by participants were very funny.especially those foreigners.hahaha

here some photos of me n ma frens n kazen during that event.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

major breakdown mann!

now its 9.15 in a morning.n i have class on 10 am.wth.myra,go take a shower,n pls print cover page of ur just not in the mood.n i HATE my bf now.because he has no effort to actually pujuk me.he even off his phone just because he was not in the mood to talk to me.adoi.mcm ni ka relationship.i tot relationship shud be much simpler than this.i dont know.imma person who just go with the flow.we'll see how k coz rite now if he doesnt wan to contct me,then our relationship is already in fragile stage.we'll see how.coz my heart is totally having a major breakdown for now.i cant,i have event to manage tomoro nite.a bit thats about it.bye.

my stressed-face:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

mid sem break tamat . why oh why

EH,i did not realize that my mid sem break ended so not ready to go to class or what so  eva. :( 
right after classes start,i got lot of things i have to do.

1)bout my techcom subject..actually i need to tempah the title for indi prsentation.but i havent done it lecturer asked her students to tempah the title before sem break,but i didnt tempah rite after mid sem ended,i really need to tempah immediately.coz sape cpt die dpt.n other thing is my grup,we did nothing eh.we havent started the interview yet.macam mane nie.some of my grupmate is not willing to sacrifice their free time for this assigment.adoii.camtu,smpi bile pon keje nie x siap.but anyhow anywho,we'll see how it goes.n another thing is the mock interview.that one pon i didnt tempah the date yet.maira maira,,asal makin malas nie.

2)one hour ergometer challenge
uwaa,this event is held on this friday(11 feb 2011).but somehow i think all the AJKs rowing club couldnt even bother bout la susah bile jadi leader.when we give arahan,they just ignore it.but when we didnt give the arahan,they said that 'xde sape gtau pon'.hmm.itula manusia.nak wat cane.mulut ade,but action time,when i do any evnt,i have to start early.btw,this is my first event that i manage.thats y its a bit chaos.haha 

i think thats time ill update y'all.tadaa.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


can i love this song.cann laa.hehe.btw,this song kinda relates to what way.dont ask.i jst know if we fail on any subject n we are like lagging 2 sems from our frens,dun be sad,things happen for a reason :p .let us love this song! HAHA


i did blog before this.its just i hate when ppl read what i wrote on blog.haha,now i start a new blog.A blog which anyone can read it.haha.btw,tomorrow im going to lipis to have fun with all ma kazens.and there are some stuff my mom n her siblings need to settle.thats y im goin to my mom's hometown tomorrow for 3 days one thats it..bye

p/s:my mom just bought me 2 trousers from DP.oh i love those trousers.cant to wear it next week on monday since monday is a formal day.hehehe.