Sunday, November 18, 2012


Did i tell u i have started working. No right. I let the dust predominated my blog. uwarghh. hahaha. not that i am lazy, i was busy 'I GUESS'. haha! Btw,now im working in small company called Digistar Holdings Sdn Bhd. I never thought i could get the job there since its a Chinese company.I was interviewed in 20 minutes times only. Lwak tak. All in all, im very grateful. God has showed me that im capable to do more than i think i could. Thank u Allah!

But this is more funny. I got interviewed from mmc oil n gas MIRI las month ! n i PASSED. haha. itu pon lawak. Frankly speaking, when i said 'itu lawak', it means i did not believe what i heard. Oil n Gas company want me to work with them. haha. Last time i tot i didnt have the requirement to be in their company, but now i know where the problem is. The problem is not with the company. The problem occurs within myself. I lack confident.

So ppl, just apply whatever company u want. Apply first, then talk about the future that u want. Dont just simply talk without doing anything.

P/s: i have graduated. congrats to me :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

small achievement today!

yeayy! iim so proud of myself. n u wanna know y? its because i managed to change my room's fluorescent light. Haha. At first it was quite vertigo. Im not a person who's afraid of height. However, with the non-balance ladder i used, it made the fear of height escalating. But after awhile, i got used to it and easily i changed the fluorescent light. Regardless anyone's guidance. HUH!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


hehe. nak post lagi.

i wanna let out my thought bout me.the girl who looks spoilt,but she's not.betol ke tak spoilt.i dunno.u judge.hahaha.if u wana know,since i was small,imma bit stupid or u can say imma slow learner.But right after i can recite Qoran at the age of 8.My life has become smooth all the way to my recent age.I cant read at until i was 8 years old.How stupid was i.haha.i made my parents worried.i tot when i can read,i cud excel in studies.nado.camtu jugak.slow learner.haha.did i tell u i love sleeping in class.this habits didnt stop until  university period.HAHA.

At the age of 10,i failed on science subject.HAHA.imagine,this future engineer of me failed on science when i was in standard 4.hahaha.Because of that,i was placed in kelas terbawah when i was standard 5.The latter,when i was standard 6,i was placed in kinda average class which was class 6 Cemerlang.I was not a favourite student.I remembered once my teacher scolded me because i asked stupid questions.But then again,that teacher didnt hv to yell at me.I was just standard 6,i wanted attention too.I hate malaysian teacher,i think they wanna become teacher so that they can live comfortably and do minimal work.However,not all teachers are like that.Some teachers have real dedication to teach their students.whatever.back to my story,i was placed in average class,when i was standard 6 i have never thought i could get A on any subjects.I dont know,i lived carefree in my primary school days.So i didnt bother to care.agagaga.then i got 3a's 2b's for my UPSR exam.lawakkk!but syukur Alhamdulillah.I mean this was like an indication for my parents that i can excel more in future.

Then,i entered high school or secondary school.I think when i was in high school,i was among the best students.cewahh.boleh blah.when i was in standard 1,i was placed in average class,but after that i leapfrog to
smart class.kih kih.but that doesnt make me wiser.It makes me loser too.haha.coz i got 4as only for my PMR exam.It was not untill SPM i achieved more A's.Not that many la.but its enuf for me to further studies in engineering field.I got the revelation to study hard when my father said 'lebih baik usaha dari gagal,then not to work hard at all and failed'.so i just study,n tawakal,let Allah decides whether i was qualified enough to get that A's or not.Sometimes to be successful in life,work hard is not enough,u need to do good deeds to other ppl,to animal to everything.inspired all,help all under some provision la.That is why we need to tawakal.My tawakal activites recently was far left behind.I need to glued my buttock to floor and recite Qoran constantly.Not to forget,SOLAT HAJAT!.adoi u ni myra,ko igt ko bagus sgt,u think u will be able to get what u want without God 's help.GRRR!

I dunno,sometimes in order to posses inspiration,i need to read lots.I mean its right when ppl said,istikharah,However God will not give the guidance if we dont do research ourselves.It means more reading n less talking.Less talking is the hardest thing i need to do.But i love to read.Not everytime la,but when i found interesting article,i would focus my eyes to that article and read until the finish line.agagagaga.In short,imma person who always need inspiration from others to continue my life.A positive inspiration.I wont let myself immerse into ocean of negative vibes.Its not cool and its not good.Its just irritating and it makes me wanna puke.BOOOOOO negativeness!hahaha.N thats y i love reading blogs.Blogger from real ppl,it doesnt matter whether that author of the blog rich,poor,average.Person who gives me lots of positive vibes,i love to read it :) .haha. n thats y i love to read proudduck blog.bes je.but its not healthy sgt least it has opened my eyes towards that group of ppl.when i read it,i felt humble and wana do something with my life.After all,i need to aku merepek nie! hahaha.dh la thats about it.




i was kinda moody during raya days at kampung.I dunno why,i guess i can blame on period pain.Agagaga.Actually,days before ive had my period,im not in a good mood.Blame on the growing up phase.Its because on 3rd September,ill start working at Digistar,located near to Ampang Point Shopping Mall.HAHAHA.bes tak.tmpt keje dekat gile dgn rumah.Lucky me to live in Ampang the developed city.hehe.

itu jelah. not in the mood to write.sbb xde gambar.i wana post lots of pictures.but i have no card reader.All card readers i own can function.Donno y.noob IT me.nama je engineer,tp noob IT.hahah!

Monday, July 23, 2012


i did tell right i am about to be interviewed this wednesday. I am a bit perplexed now on what kind of hairstyle i should do. hellp me. okey, i think i would like to do only ponytail hairstyle because it is easy, not wasting time and i spend my whole life perfecting only this kind of hairstyle. boo-hoo. But the again i was thinking bun hairstyle. however, in order to do 'bun', i must tie my hair really tight to get a perfect 'bun'.im afraid my hair could get damaged because of the tightness i tied. hmm. i think about later

p/s: aku malas nk tgk my cousin convo. lagi mahu lari lagi datang. x phmm :( haha

interview poyo!

Did i tell you im in the midst of hunting job. i did right. huhu. i wasn't vigorously looking for a job since the transcript was issued on 13th of July.Without the transcript, its hard for me to look for a job.I did apply one or two companies, but it wasn't that many. I still can count the applications using my fingers.

So, i did get one interview from this company called Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). I know, lame right. However, i was quite excited to get the opportunity. The interview is not a personal kind of interview. It is called Group Discussion Interview. The sole purpose of this interview is to observe each personality of each candidates. They want to see whether we could communicate and be able to listen to other's opinion or not.They also want to see how our personality are. Is it quirky,charming,charismatic, or just plain altruism personality.

From 11000 people who applied for this interview, only 3000 were chosen to be in this so-called group discussion interview. The latter only 48 people will be chosen to attend or join the PEP training under TNB. BTW,i forgot to tell u, this is not interview for engineering position, it is only interview for engineering trainee. Well, its not trainee as in like an intern, it is trainee or preparation to be an engineer. If i was accepted in this program, i will be trained by TNB for about one year.

At first, i was not keen to work in this company, as i thought this company only provide electricity to Malaysian citizen. Boy, i was wrong. TNB not only involved in generating power, they also involved in switchgear business, consultancies and many more. I could not remember. hehe. Most importanly, TNB also has wide and tremendous network. Its just we were always overshadowed by TNB was functioning as electricity provider.

All in all, now for the preparation for interview, i only read information on TNB's website, reading newspaper especially on business column, and relearn on MUET speaking test. haha. whatever

k la malas nak tulis panjang. toodles.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Boyfriend

if u have had the desire to tolerate with him. Then, he's the one for you. Well, its my opinion. what do u think?

this is him. heeee. this is him on 2010 raya i guess. i cant remember. it was before the braces. So 2010 it is. I could not understand why im becoming such a tolerable person when im with him. I guess that's a good thing. Not everyone is perfect right. We need to accept flaws from other people so that we can be happy. weee.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

i tipu

hehe. hi semua orang.

r u guys yes? like i care. whatever it is i hope u guys in a pink of health.okey,stop with essay zaman form 5. heee. today's post i wud like to tell y'all that i lied bout finding job,doing resume as soon as i can.i was chilling,doing nothing, and emo 24 jam without knowing what it was all about.i did finish up my resume.but somehow, i didnt know y i wont continue doing the cover letter next.lazy much?yes indeed.arghh.n the fact that i hate seeing others getting interviews,jobs they wanted,i am still doing nothing to get a job.myraaa,nape mu maleh sgt nieee.mybe i feel a little bit hopeless,restless,less less less. haha.i dont know when im gonna start writing the cover letter.plss someone do my cover letter plss.i have no motivation and inspiration at all to start finding a job.uwaaa.

btw,did i tell u guys that my english suckk!suck like sucker.suck like babun.suck like i dont know why i even write in english for every post i posted.look!i just used post word several times.vocabulary suck much?!haha.whateber.i kononnye promised myself to do one essay per day just to improve my english and also to improve my vocab.haram jadah! tak buat langsung.nak nangis la cani.asal malas cam hanjeng nie! shoot la!i think the reason why i didnt write essay per day because i have no place to write.i dont hv study desk,so where the hell am goin to write an essay.where!of course i need to go downstair and do it in living room.uwaaa.n nak turun tersgtlah aku malas.whatever la! am gonna try okeh!tgk emo!like i said,emo,xphm kann.whateber next

sewinggggg!u know i went for sewing class for the purpose that i will someday make my own blouse kan.haram!x buat pon.all i did was altering the bundle clothes i bought.malas much!yes i know.still the problem here is NO MOTIVATION.come on,someone motivates me!

whateber,this perenggan will be a positive perenggan.i did my baju raya so happy.i made dress.n it will prolly cost around rm400.thank u mother for spending ur money on me. :) .sometimes,the thing that makes me continue helping my mother is her money.not that im materialistic.its just again,i need something to motivate me so that i could help my mother without feeling like im being forced to do it.reality much?! hehe

dh la,pjg sgt toodles.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

final result

hehe. hey there. long time no see.

baru ada mood nak update lorr. lama kan x jumpa. yes i know. i didnt know what ive been doing. now i wana update bout my recent result i obtained. im quite disappointed with my mcm xnak share langsung dgn org lain. but it wasn't that horrible. its just that i want my result to at least bertambah baik. not that my result bertambah terok. its just static. mcm tu je. so kinda irritating. but then again, who should we blame if is not the one who controlled the result. but God Maha Besar. He knows everything and whats best for me.Since this is my final result, that is why its kinda sad to not having bombastic result. i can say that my result is just a norm one. everyone can have that kind of result. u realized that i used result word frequently in this post. HAHA. i dont care. after all this is my blog.But then again i should be grateful.i cannot lain nak lepas pon susah.ko dah abis byk cite lak.tumbuk kang!HAHA.

now i need to focus on finding job.I kinda want my dad to help me in this task.By applying online, i kinda doubt i could get an interview, kerja jangan cakaplah, interview pon x father once asked me,'baby ni nak kerja apa sebenarnye?what u actually want?' then i replied 'baby nak communication,i wana work at company like VADS or Fibercomm or anything that is related to communication side.'.then my papa said 'then apply TM,TM provides work in communication area.Maybe paktam could help u in this'.Rasa mcm nak apply TM.But i havent started altering the resume yet.HAHA.i hate procastinastion n yet im doin it.HAHA.whatever.

So MAIRA.tolong buat resume tu.Your CGPA doest represent u as lazy, non-productive worker.CGPA is just u did 2 things, and u need to juggle between 2 life which were rowing and least u have completed ur degree, u shud be proud of it.haha. ayat sedapkan hati.whatever it is, i feel better now.its not the end of the world right.its just the beginning of life.u can do it MAIRA.u just need to focus.Thats all.I know i can do it.Believe in urself :)

p/s:and i would like to focus on menjahit as well. need to improve my skill on sewing. :p

Saturday, April 21, 2012

merepek kerepek

am i having pms or other ppl are having pms too. im confused. pls dont do this to i that evil or my sarcasms really that bad.i mean, i wont being sarcastic to u if u once in a while have some confidence.i miss my bf.i wanna talk to him bout lots of stuff.i really do.n this post not for bf.its just some random post.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


POSITIF.what is positive? what ? what?

positif is anything relates to good things. except for HIV la. if u go for medical check up, n end up by having positif.thats bad. okey. lame joke.zzz. btw, i just wonder,have y'all being positif too much till u reach the point where u want to scream all nite long coz u feel like u've been burden  by thinking positively or in other word having high tak?so im the only one la nie.ok x kesah.dont u think if u too positive ,u end up hoping too much.i dont know.

ive been reading lots of blogs nowadays.most of the blogs i read,all have good family background.some not that wealthy but but they kinda mampu to buy basic living things.some too wealthy till can be schooling in private the point is i envy to these ppl coz from wht i saw,their life somehow went smoothly there were no downside part.but i have no idea wht they went thru be positif je lah.n jgn ade high hope.chill aje.if u feeling down,talk to someone.

ape aku merepek nie. dh la. toodles.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


last night,i went to snsd's showcase.Petronas invited them to perform.Eventho i only seen them from big screen,but the excitement of waiting them to show up was just the same.HAHAHA.i tot i wasnt excited bout snsd coming to malaysia.boy! i was wrong,i was super excited.HAHAH.boleh tak?but i wasnt that excited till the point i want to buy the fanzone ticket,its just too much if i did i have no money.Unless beyonce is coming,im willing to borrow from my mom.hehe.

Like i said,i only seen them from screen.i cant see them in real life.pity me.since i didnt sacrifice my money to sit a little bit front from where i stood.its okey,but lots of people actually didnt have the opportunity to stand up in the fanzone,nevertheless they enjoy the show.i love when snsd's fans together sung with them,it was funn.Fyi,snsd not only has lots of female fan,the male fans on that day also were enjoying the show as well.i was quite amazed by amount of guys coming to that showcase for the sake of snsd.

i just wanna share with u guys my experienced when the show happened.There was one chinese guy,i think bout 30 ish year old,he really enjoyed the show till when the run devil run came out,he actually wanted to run just to imitate the snsd.hahah.funny.n the way he shook his head,like chicken already.head moved back n front all the way.n he remembered each words from snsd's song.fanatic tak hengat ponye! haha

oklah malas nk tulis pjg2.bye!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

what is degree anyway?

have u ever wonder degree is not a process for u to go to another level of education .It a process for u to know more about yourself and how to handle people surround u.kann? or u dont agree with me.well,that is my sukahati saya lah lah,i started to think this way,since i kinda have lots of drama during my 1st,2nd and 3rd (this is my worst uni year) university, so mostly i have no problem with my studies.the problem when i make friends.i just realized in this world, not all people will be nice to u.sometimes they love to stab on ur back.i once experienced this on my 3rd year.u dont need to know that person sometimes saddened me n it sometimes bring out the grudge out of me.but after a while,i manage to handle it n i easily forget that moment from time to time.syukur :) . now i lead a happy life with my new friend,not that new la,but somehow i slowly become closer to her coincidentally and without me being conscious bout,here are some words i took from hanafedora blog,i love the way she describe what is degree all about,below is what she wrote *eh tiba2 ke cerita lain.haha

'I've done mine for 2 years now and I found that it's not just a degree that you're going for. It is more than that. It's a discipline camp. Learning to find your own motivations and managing your own time and life to achieved something. This, in a long run will benefits you in your own life and career. Because no one will tell you what to do and what work to execute. No timetable, no job description and moreover nobody have done the work that you wanted to do in the first place. Just deadlines, supervisor and something that you believe in that can bring a good the world.'

it makes sense righttttttttttt.

so thats about it.toodles

Monday, March 12, 2012

final year project n tests.

stress !
this thursday ill have two tests which are rf and pci.i cudnt understand ladder diagram in pci subject.ive asked nana to teach but she seems having lots of tests dis week plus tomorow is her control test,so ill have to tolerate with,who is going to teach me ladder diagram.On subject rf,also i have some questions to be pondering on.there were here n there confusing part i couldnt find the solution of stressed out.hehe.lagi pulak,this friday my supervisor wanted me to do slides on progress i have done on my fyp project.the thing is,i have no progress at all.its sickening to do things u cannot understand.the fact that u have read about it n whtnot,still u cant capture what it was all about.pity me :( .okey thats about it.toodles

Monday, March 5, 2012

nak handphone baru

hi people! whaddup y'all.
hehe.fav sentence.its been along time since i blog.HAHAHAHAHA.kannnnn,mmg lama pon.malas nk layan.
btw,i want new hp so that i cant update my blog there any generous person who willing to buy a new
handphone for me.hehe.okey im kidding.serius nak hp hp now has only 2 megapixel camera.pppl nowadays have already use 5 want too :( .whatever myra.bersyukur pls :p.when nt i start working,1st thing i wana buy hp that provide multiple function.

ok enuf with new hp story.btw,this week i will participate in brooks marathon in distance of 10km.heee.i cant wait.usually i participate in marathon with my bf,but now its different enviroment,intan will accompany running 10km so excited.i bet she must be nervous at the beginning of the running.coz i always did,even when i have participated in marathon several bf has registered to run as well,unfortunately he will not be joining since he said he doesnt train himself at first i was a bit frustrated,but then again its up to him.not that i belanje him to participate in this event ritee.hence,he will be only be my cameraman of the day during that event.heee.more pictures of likey.hehehe.

other thing is,i went to kuching las friday for majlis bertandang im back.hehe.kuching was fun.but the fun degrades when my older bro n sis n maktam's family went back home one day earlier than mom la decided to overstayed just to meet her long lost fren.lost la sgt.over tau.haha.but its least my mom was very happy seeing her fren.i was glad.hehe.dahla.boring la cite i nie.i wrote this just for the sake of me reading it.dah la no pictures blog ni.lagi la boring nyer.hehe


Friday, January 20, 2012

whatever crap i write

hi everyone.heee

nak cerita ape ek.okey la.i start with singapore trip.i went to singapore actually only with my mom and aunty normah n my fav cousin nadira.i dunno y i find her so lawak.she always makes me laugh in lots of ways.sometimes i think she's more funnier than me.i dont find myself as lawak,i find myself as clumsy which leads to lawak la.hahah..okey what i bebel nie.whatever.nways yg singapore trip tu,it was a budget trip but sgt thrilling n enjoyable.serius,tak tipu.we really like berjalan sana sini.the cheap hotel that we stayed only for sleep n rest purposes.not for lepaking.nway,places that we went were orchard road,mustapa,universal studio,zoo singapura,bugis junction,flyer n duck tour.i really had fun.n i shop lots of things too.but i really want that doc mart  almost flats shoe.or almost like boot but its ankle n no need to tie up boots.heee

my holiday almost ended.argh! again y time flies so fast?so there are several things i need to do.those are

1)buat bunga.make sure siap!!!
2)meet up with my girls
3)buat resume
4)fyp.alaaa.yg nie yg lemah.

i think thats all for today.toodles! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

yuna again!

hi everyone.
its been a long time since i blog.ya ya ya.i know.i oways start my blog with 'it been a long time bla bla'.i know,annoying right.but what to do,it is indeed i havent blog for a long time.heee.btw,this coming saturday which on 7 of january 2012,i am going to yuna's concert.actually the purpose of this show is to launch her second,i will consider it as album launching instead of concert.haha.but im so excited since i will be one of the earliest person to hear her second album.i once went to her concert las time at dewan philharmonik was enjoyable.she was too talented.n i believe she really works hard to excel in this music industry :) .i like that kind of this will be her second show i watch.if im in a good mood ill be posting bout yuna's show okey.laterr!