Monday, May 30, 2011


As much as i hate when zaki texting me less nowadays,i oso feel happy.i mean not that he doesnt love me rite.Its is just time for us to have our own life despite we are in relationship.At first i felt like i cant accept.However as time goes by,i think i can slowly adapt with it.hehe.Now that zaki a k a my bf has more friends,it made me happy already.Now also,he likes to give 100% focus on his study.Not for his future,but for my future as well ritee.hehe.

Last time i was having big fight with my bf due to him wana have his own space.Mybe he felt drowning coz he needed to text me like all the time.At that time,i felt really depressed coz i dont know who else am gonna text if he wanted his own also afraid that i will care less for him after this.However,i was wrong.its true when ppl said,when u love someone u willing to do anything to him/her.Hehe.thats how i feel towards zaki.i love him.he teached me to stand on ur own nowadays since i am one year to go before im going to a new phase of life which is working life. :) .

I read one of my bestfriend blog which is zatul.First of all let me clarify to u guys.when we were in high school,she neva stick to one guy.if let say she was having relationship with this guy,there must be some other guy who flirted with her at the same time.n she even said to me that 'aku tak ske kapel ngan laki jauh2,aku kalo ley nak laki yg dekat2 je ngan aku'.n yet she is now having relationship with an army who lives hundreds miles away from her n yet she is loyal.haha.lawak kan.In short,in high school she was kinda fragile teenager who cried a lot unlike me.but now things changed,she is now the tough woman n i am,we can see that love sumhow can change people kan?exquisite :) .anyway,in her blog she had stated that in relationship u need to have 3T's which are True ,Trust  and Tolerate.So i am now need to be true to zaki.meaning i need to be honest with zaki all the time.n trust him if let say he wants to focus on study for exmple.lastly i need to tolerate with him.let say if he doesnt want to text,then dont whatever u wanna  do  for exmple like sewing,play piano or surf the net. :)) .

In conclusion,i love love towards him has increased from days to days.after this i promise i wont trouble zaki nymore by making him pay for our anniversary or whatsoeva.i mean it feels good to meet him than to let him buy me a dress,shirt,flare jeans or whatsoeva rightt.hehe.In short,i dont  want to make he feels drown when he is with me.if let say he wants to leave me,its up to him.its hiss loss not mine.*positif kan?.but i hope he wont la kann. :)) .n let say if he cheated on me,its his loss too,not mine. :)) .but i hope he wont cheat.lastly,i want to tell whole wide world that i love my MANfriend very much n thnk u so much zaki for teaching me to be a matured woman.haha.*bajet matured gile skrg. : p

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