Thursday, July 14, 2011

zaki zainuri

Today i wanna talk about relationship,

fyi ppl,me and n my bf have been together for about 2 years and 6 months ++.for some ppl,i know u guys think we have been together for  quite long.However,i never think that way.Have u heard bout the more u learn the more stupid u are(i know my grammar is bad,just deal with it).thats how i feel.It means,the longer ur relationship,the more fragile it can get.For the past 2 year and 6 months ++,we've been throught a lot.Last time,my bf did cheated by entertaining other woman to pleased himself.But as far as i hate what he did to me,i must say that everybody is not perfect.So i think in this case both of us meaning me and bf both were wrong.I used to have high expectation on my bf.Maybe because of that he couldnt stand my attitude,thus he find other girl to be with him.We did fight over this issues.But somehow the one that gave in was me.Because i value this relationship so much and i always believe that my bf doesnt love any other girl other than me.I always believe his heart only filled with one girl which is me. :) .Right after the fight,i am a very tolerable person.I dont like to fight,so i choose to give in.I always listen when he expresses his feeling towards me.I dont call(this help ya ppl,coz the more u talk the more angry u can get-this happen when u fight la).I dont ask him to do things as I say(in this case i give him freedom to do anything that he wants).I have faith in him.I appreciate him more.n lastly i have no high expectation on him.I know he has done his best to make me happy.n for that I love him so so much. (but of coz la me ada ngade2 here and there,but not too ngade2 la).

: P

So ppl apprecite people around u!

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