Saturday, September 24, 2011


OMG,its been a long time since i post gahhh! aku pemalas nyer! not that i malas.i forget other than zaki,i still can occupy myself with other things.silly me! i runaway from my blogging commitment.y oh y! i know! maybe coz internet in my college sucks big i felt so lazy to update,to wait for my post to be,here we are,no post in a long timeeee! anyway anywho,this year is my final year of study.scary bukan?iye,it scares the hell out of worried about my fyp project actually.i dont know which topic should i choose.from the list of my fyp titles,most of the project i dont even,i need to do some research to get a little bit of ideas.arghh! dh la! bye. apprently im still stressed out!

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