Sunday, November 18, 2012


Did i tell u i have started working. No right. I let the dust predominated my blog. uwarghh. hahaha. not that i am lazy, i was busy 'I GUESS'. haha! Btw,now im working in small company called Digistar Holdings Sdn Bhd. I never thought i could get the job there since its a Chinese company.I was interviewed in 20 minutes times only. Lwak tak. All in all, im very grateful. God has showed me that im capable to do more than i think i could. Thank u Allah!

But this is more funny. I got interviewed from mmc oil n gas MIRI las month ! n i PASSED. haha. itu pon lawak. Frankly speaking, when i said 'itu lawak', it means i did not believe what i heard. Oil n Gas company want me to work with them. haha. Last time i tot i didnt have the requirement to be in their company, but now i know where the problem is. The problem is not with the company. The problem occurs within myself. I lack confident.

So ppl, just apply whatever company u want. Apply first, then talk about the future that u want. Dont just simply talk without doing anything.

P/s: i have graduated. congrats to me :)

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