Thursday, July 4, 2013


There are so much things I would like to buy now. Arghhh. First it was clarisonic. Tool which function to open the pores so that the beauty product u utilize can be absorbed easily. Did u know that the problem of our skin problem is not because of cheap beauty product or rather the expensive ones. It was because the product is not absorb efficiently to our skin. Hmm. My mom has that tool. Unfortunately it belongs to her instead of me plus she bought the tool. Thus of course the tools is hers. Then the next things I want to buy is pointy shoes. I want the average height of pointy heels shoes. I dont think I could stand wearing 4" high heels. I mean it does elongate my leg but then again its not relevent. Not to forget I want the most comfortable pointy shoes ever. Its because i dont come from wealthy family so I cant bear buy lots of shoes at one time. I must limit my choice since I hv tight budget. But im still very thankful with things I have. Im happy. Okey back to the story, my point is I dont know which one to prioritize and the list goes on. Haha. Aigooo. K la. Tu je. Toodles

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