Wednesday, October 2, 2013


now im a new person. i dont wana post things about my bf only. its too cheesy n i look fragile. not that im strong now. its just that, sometimes u need space for urself, n ur bf does need space too. so pls dont complaint bout ur bf not contacting u, or entertain u 24/7. he is just human. he needs his time too. n u too need ur time. dont rely on ur bf so much. at times u need to be individualistic so that u hv ur own identity. now that its been almost 3 weeks i didnt contact him,i kinda felt great. i felt like im certain that my bf now is going to be my husband. not because i love him, its because my family does like him too. i dono whether he loves me or not now since we didnt contact. but its okey, im goin to contact him back. no worries. i felt so relieved that my bf did 'this' to me. by 'this' i mean not contacting me at all. love it! thanks syg. i will contact u soon, hope u still love me n not mad at me.

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