Saturday, March 19, 2011

Avril's new album

currently am listening to avril's song in her new album.actually im not her biggest fan.but i must say that she's quite a talented song writer.i don like her konon2 rock songs.i just love her simple song.basicly i love the song that she wrote that really comes from her bottom of her heart.i heard only 2 songs in her goodbye lullaby album.quite okeyla.lagu2 comel gitu.the two songs i listened are i love and i wish u were here.the jiwang songs la i know.hehe.eventho i hate her new video which called what the hell (*bcoz  i think she changed too much already.thus i think she's a bit hypocrite.muahahah).but that doesnt restrain me from listening to her other songs.muahaha.k lah.wana is just around the bucu.bye!

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