Monday, March 28, 2011

I am really tired

yeay.finals done!  but seriouly,i feel so freaking tired.not that i cud answer my las paper which was power sys,its jst i feel tired coz i think i studyy wayy too much already.haha.poyo lah.but what to do,as a student,study is number one priority. :) .right afterr final,i need to complete one more task which is doing an internship.not task la,more like kerja.apekah!uwaaa.but at least i have income which is not a lot,only rm500.hahaha.exaggerate a bit! haha . k lah.i wana sleep. :) .if i rajin,ill post more! which will like 5 tahun agi *haha,ayat bibi

i just love what this woman wears!

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