Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy news

my boo got 3.00 for his GPA.congratss uu! u deserve it.nwayy,am sori if i hurt u during,before or after finals.i am a bad gf.only u could stand with my temper that i think other guy wouldnt.hehe.if u wana why i dont tel my result,it is bcoz my result didnt come out on uniten's website,coz i dont pay yet the fees on that sem.hehe.pity me,so i guess u guys have to wait ya!.whatever my result is,i am grateful.kena grateful! remember myra,dont compare urself with other people.

p/s:i miss moment of me.bibi n rin study together while listening to 2pm song.i miss those moment.uwaa.n i cant believe i actually miss to studyy!. haha

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