Sunday, April 17, 2011

The mangement of energizer nite run race event is suck BIG TIME.

on 16 april 2011 which was yesterday.i participated in this one event called energizer nite run race.i have big expectation with this event.unfortunely this event suck big time u know.i hate it.when we want to start the race,the organizer already scolded us coz many ppl didnt listen to their instruction which was follow the gate on back instead of a front gate.but how can we know,there was gate on the back but  lots of ppl actually crowded on front gate,how we supposed to know there was gate at the back.haaish then,y front gate only available for VIP.i mean we all pay just to participate in this race all of us have the rite to choose go to front or gate on the back.and then,the direction was suck big time too.the didnt give us the damn direction n ppl could easily ran on the grass instead on the circuit itself.haish.n the water station also was not enuf.n think the ppl who manage this event were not that many.stupid.the cheapskate event ever.nway.i leave y'all with pictures of me n my friends n kazen at sepang circuit.

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