Monday, June 27, 2011

orang cantik,pastu pandai

just to let u know,i sometimes have jealousy towards girl who has brain as well as prettiness.i mean,how could she get both.even my bf got irratated when i oways complaint bout a girl who is beautiful and smart.hehe.

however,i dont reach  point till i wana hate girls who have both characteristics.i mean its not their fault rite for having both.hehe.for me,those kinda girls are the inspiration for me to look beautiful n be smart as well.just so u know,when i was a kid ,i am far from being a smart person,coz i oways failed in certain subjects.n it started since i was in standard four.imagine how worry my mom cud be in those days.haha.but now i cant say that i am a smart girl,its just imma girl who cud take care of herself. :) .such relief.haha.

in short,don be jealous with those girl.take them positively.i mean let them inspired u to be a better person.its quite normal for a girl to get envy with pretty n intelligence girl.k,itu sahaja.just wana let out my thoughts.

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