Thursday, June 9, 2011

y intern too long mehhh.

hari ini mcm rasa sedih laa.hish.benci btol.i need to always remind myself to stay happy n positive.i hate my newself.i hate it!i feel like nowadays im jst too sensitive.thats suck rite.i know.actually,this morning,suddenly my mom brought a story bout me hating my intern.coz i was so damn bored here in the office.ive had work.butttt,my works are all done already.not to berlagak but sometimes i feel like when u r rite here in the Texas,ppl actualy dont bother about interns.they just do their work without having any concern on intern.mite as well Texas tak pyh ade intern kan?huh.i dont know la.

but the thing that made me sad today is i actually raise my voice towards my parents just bcoz i wana to show how angry i am coz they didnt listen to me when i was asking them opinion bout this internship.dis morning, my mom said that i actually neva mention bout me wanted to learn sewing during two months period.meaning,i do the internship 3 month,n another 2 months left i want to actully enter sewing class.all those thing happened during breakfst.on my way to office,i actually cried coz i felt so awful raising up voice towards my parents.hish.benci lah.i dont know la.

sometimes i think i have to cope with so many things in a blink of an eye.meaning changes happen to me in short amount of time.i hate it!the things that i need to cope with are buying zaki his new bb since i lost his ipod (*actually i jst wanted to buy him ipod touch since i lost his ipod,but he refused.he still wanted bb.n it actually bothers me.sigh),need to cope with relationship (*rite now i just dono what zaki wants,i jst dono.i just wana back off from this relationship since i think he oso doesnt commit to it.idk la.he came to ampang to meet me,but we didnt have the istiqamah bonding nowadays.when he feels like wana text,he text,but when he feels dont,he that la),to cope with being nice to ppl in Texas when i actually dont want to,to cope with home(when i got bck home,i need to cook just bcoz my mom sometimes lazy to it kinda pissed me off,but what to do.u gotta do what u have to rite.).

Those are the things that i need to cope with.ntahla,i hate internship.i think its just a waste of time.i rather stdy than doin internship.i just wanna get out from circle of problems that i actually have to think the solution of it.k la.i think thats about myra,stay positive n stay happy.u can go thru this!love urself before u love others.u can do it! come on!

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