Friday, August 12, 2011


i always think pink pants looks bad on everyone.*mostly looks bad la,however there are some ppl who can pull it off.anyway,i love pants shows on pic above.well,its not really is actually a jeans.a pink jeans which i rarely see in Malaysia.I love the colour,the JEANS structure on it.U know,usually pink pants only have a bright color.meaning,it almost has no bleach structure on it,unlike pic above.*do u get what im eh.ok bye.
So,can i have this jeans :( .but i dont think in malaysia,this jeans available.coz malaysia its not a country which offer u lots of options to buy the newest collection of fashion items.unless u go to boutique like Topshop,Miss Selfridge.Which it will cost u like 4$@#%$%&$^&@#$.

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