Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sewing class

did i tel u that ive registered myself into sewing class.this idea came out when everytime i went to boutique clothes like topshop,it bugs me out to see a simple clothes in within ridicolous prices.Somehow the tops that topshop sells made u think that 'why dont u just register urself into sewing class and make ur own tops based on idea of topshop tops'.Anddd that is why la i decided to register myself into sewing class.

My class has started las week already.I took class where i need to sew skirt(this is basic ok,before u do any patterns of clothes,u r obliged to make a skirt),slack,jubah and baju kemeja.Why i didnt choose to sew baju kurung?its because i find that i dont wear baju kurung that often.fyi,throughout my intern,ive never ever ever wear baju kurung to work.Plus,i work in a very cold place.not as cold as antartica la.just a normal factory cold.u know,sometimes factory they wana control the quality of the product, they have to make sure that the place is cold.As u know,the temperature could effect the yield product that they produce.

Enuf on the cold working place,soooo i started sew the skirt already.I almost finished sewing it.Last time i did not manage to finish it since i went to replacement class.Because i took class on wednesday and thursday.Since las thursday i could not come because the workers under Mr Hafiz(my manager) have a break fast together at ancasa hotel and the foods are all paid by Mr Hafiz.hehe.So,for those who were not going,its their loss la kan.i didnt want to miss the chance n so i went.hehe.Btw,the replacement class i went which was on las saturday,there were too many students,so i have limited time to make sure my sewing teacher pay attention to me.I need to wait in case i have question to ask.So those things delay my time to finish the skirt.pity me.its okey,nex class i will finish the skirt in short amount of time :p

I forgot to tell that my class is actually starts from 5.30pm untill 9.00pm on every wednesday and thursday.I dont mind right after work im going to sewing class since this is what i really want :) . If you want it,you gotta work for it right.Plus,i have the oppurtunity to learn it,so why not.Thus ppl,doesnot mean u live in a quite luvury living,u dont have to do anything.Do something! Do different things as this could echance ur creativity skills.So i guess thats it

Toodles :)

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