Wednesday, June 6, 2012

final result

hehe. hey there. long time no see.

baru ada mood nak update lorr. lama kan x jumpa. yes i know. i didnt know what ive been doing. now i wana update bout my recent result i obtained. im quite disappointed with my mcm xnak share langsung dgn org lain. but it wasn't that horrible. its just that i want my result to at least bertambah baik. not that my result bertambah terok. its just static. mcm tu je. so kinda irritating. but then again, who should we blame if is not the one who controlled the result. but God Maha Besar. He knows everything and whats best for me.Since this is my final result, that is why its kinda sad to not having bombastic result. i can say that my result is just a norm one. everyone can have that kind of result. u realized that i used result word frequently in this post. HAHA. i dont care. after all this is my blog.But then again i should be grateful.i cannot lain nak lepas pon susah.ko dah abis byk cite lak.tumbuk kang!HAHA.

now i need to focus on finding job.I kinda want my dad to help me in this task.By applying online, i kinda doubt i could get an interview, kerja jangan cakaplah, interview pon x father once asked me,'baby ni nak kerja apa sebenarnye?what u actually want?' then i replied 'baby nak communication,i wana work at company like VADS or Fibercomm or anything that is related to communication side.'.then my papa said 'then apply TM,TM provides work in communication area.Maybe paktam could help u in this'.Rasa mcm nak apply TM.But i havent started altering the resume yet.HAHA.i hate procastinastion n yet im doin it.HAHA.whatever.

So MAIRA.tolong buat resume tu.Your CGPA doest represent u as lazy, non-productive worker.CGPA is just u did 2 things, and u need to juggle between 2 life which were rowing and least u have completed ur degree, u shud be proud of it.haha. ayat sedapkan hati.whatever it is, i feel better now.its not the end of the world right.its just the beginning of life.u can do it MAIRA.u just need to focus.Thats all.I know i can do it.Believe in urself :)

p/s:and i would like to focus on menjahit as well. need to improve my skill on sewing. :p

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