Thursday, June 28, 2012

i tipu

hehe. hi semua orang.

r u guys yes? like i care. whatever it is i hope u guys in a pink of health.okey,stop with essay zaman form 5. heee. today's post i wud like to tell y'all that i lied bout finding job,doing resume as soon as i can.i was chilling,doing nothing, and emo 24 jam without knowing what it was all about.i did finish up my resume.but somehow, i didnt know y i wont continue doing the cover letter next.lazy much?yes indeed.arghh.n the fact that i hate seeing others getting interviews,jobs they wanted,i am still doing nothing to get a job.myraaa,nape mu maleh sgt nieee.mybe i feel a little bit hopeless,restless,less less less. haha.i dont know when im gonna start writing the cover letter.plss someone do my cover letter plss.i have no motivation and inspiration at all to start finding a job.uwaaa.

btw,did i tell u guys that my english suckk!suck like sucker.suck like babun.suck like i dont know why i even write in english for every post i posted.look!i just used post word several times.vocabulary suck much?!haha.whateber.i kononnye promised myself to do one essay per day just to improve my english and also to improve my vocab.haram jadah! tak buat langsung.nak nangis la cani.asal malas cam hanjeng nie! shoot la!i think the reason why i didnt write essay per day because i have no place to write.i dont hv study desk,so where the hell am goin to write an essay.where!of course i need to go downstair and do it in living room.uwaaa.n nak turun tersgtlah aku malas.whatever la! am gonna try okeh!tgk emo!like i said,emo,xphm kann.whateber next

sewinggggg!u know i went for sewing class for the purpose that i will someday make my own blouse kan.haram!x buat pon.all i did was altering the bundle clothes i bought.malas much!yes i know.still the problem here is NO MOTIVATION.come on,someone motivates me!

whateber,this perenggan will be a positive perenggan.i did my baju raya so happy.i made dress.n it will prolly cost around rm400.thank u mother for spending ur money on me. :) .sometimes,the thing that makes me continue helping my mother is her money.not that im materialistic.its just again,i need something to motivate me so that i could help my mother without feeling like im being forced to do it.reality much?! hehe

dh la,pjg sgt toodles.

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