Thursday, August 23, 2012



i was kinda moody during raya days at kampung.I dunno why,i guess i can blame on period pain.Agagaga.Actually,days before ive had my period,im not in a good mood.Blame on the growing up phase.Its because on 3rd September,ill start working at Digistar,located near to Ampang Point Shopping Mall.HAHAHA.bes tak.tmpt keje dekat gile dgn rumah.Lucky me to live in Ampang the developed city.hehe.

itu jelah. not in the mood to write.sbb xde gambar.i wana post lots of pictures.but i have no card reader.All card readers i own can function.Donno y.noob IT me.nama je engineer,tp noob IT.hahah!

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