Thursday, August 23, 2012


hehe. nak post lagi.

i wanna let out my thought bout me.the girl who looks spoilt,but she's not.betol ke tak spoilt.i dunno.u judge.hahaha.if u wana know,since i was small,imma bit stupid or u can say imma slow learner.But right after i can recite Qoran at the age of 8.My life has become smooth all the way to my recent age.I cant read at until i was 8 years old.How stupid was i.haha.i made my parents worried.i tot when i can read,i cud excel in studies.nado.camtu jugak.slow learner.haha.did i tell u i love sleeping in class.this habits didnt stop until  university period.HAHA.

At the age of 10,i failed on science subject.HAHA.imagine,this future engineer of me failed on science when i was in standard 4.hahaha.Because of that,i was placed in kelas terbawah when i was standard 5.The latter,when i was standard 6,i was placed in kinda average class which was class 6 Cemerlang.I was not a favourite student.I remembered once my teacher scolded me because i asked stupid questions.But then again,that teacher didnt hv to yell at me.I was just standard 6,i wanted attention too.I hate malaysian teacher,i think they wanna become teacher so that they can live comfortably and do minimal work.However,not all teachers are like that.Some teachers have real dedication to teach their students.whatever.back to my story,i was placed in average class,when i was standard 6 i have never thought i could get A on any subjects.I dont know,i lived carefree in my primary school days.So i didnt bother to care.agagaga.then i got 3a's 2b's for my UPSR exam.lawakkk!but syukur Alhamdulillah.I mean this was like an indication for my parents that i can excel more in future.

Then,i entered high school or secondary school.I think when i was in high school,i was among the best students.cewahh.boleh blah.when i was in standard 1,i was placed in average class,but after that i leapfrog to
smart class.kih kih.but that doesnt make me wiser.It makes me loser too.haha.coz i got 4as only for my PMR exam.It was not untill SPM i achieved more A's.Not that many la.but its enuf for me to further studies in engineering field.I got the revelation to study hard when my father said 'lebih baik usaha dari gagal,then not to work hard at all and failed'.so i just study,n tawakal,let Allah decides whether i was qualified enough to get that A's or not.Sometimes to be successful in life,work hard is not enough,u need to do good deeds to other ppl,to animal to everything.inspired all,help all under some provision la.That is why we need to tawakal.My tawakal activites recently was far left behind.I need to glued my buttock to floor and recite Qoran constantly.Not to forget,SOLAT HAJAT!.adoi u ni myra,ko igt ko bagus sgt,u think u will be able to get what u want without God 's help.GRRR!

I dunno,sometimes in order to posses inspiration,i need to read lots.I mean its right when ppl said,istikharah,However God will not give the guidance if we dont do research ourselves.It means more reading n less talking.Less talking is the hardest thing i need to do.But i love to read.Not everytime la,but when i found interesting article,i would focus my eyes to that article and read until the finish line.agagagaga.In short,imma person who always need inspiration from others to continue my life.A positive inspiration.I wont let myself immerse into ocean of negative vibes.Its not cool and its not good.Its just irritating and it makes me wanna puke.BOOOOOO negativeness!hahaha.N thats y i love reading blogs.Blogger from real ppl,it doesnt matter whether that author of the blog rich,poor,average.Person who gives me lots of positive vibes,i love to read it :) .haha. n thats y i love to read proudduck blog.bes je.but its not healthy sgt least it has opened my eyes towards that group of ppl.when i read it,i felt humble and wana do something with my life.After all,i need to aku merepek nie! hahaha.dh la thats about it.


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