Wednesday, March 20, 2013



hehe.Its been a long time since i blog.Nothing much to tell.My life is the same.Now that i work, i turn into  boring person. Plus I have no work to do. FYI, i work in MMC Oil n Gas Miri. Eventhough, MMC can consider as big company, no projects are coming. Last project i did was Petronas Carigali. It was fun doing that project as I learn lots of things pertaining to electrical or specifically Power System Engineering.Its funny though, i major in Communication n yet im stucked in Pwer System.Whatever it is, when life gives u lemon u make lemonade.haha!Whatever jelah.

Btw, there are 4 people working in the same department as i am,sadly one of them wants to leave.So sad,thus only 3 persons left including me under electrical depatment.Enrico, the eletrical designer engineer will leave this Friday.I thought he leaves by end of this month.Whatever jelah.I wish good luck in his future.hehe

Aforementioned,I have no work now as no projects are coming in. Thus,im afraid about my future.Im afraid if i could not gain as much knowledge as i can before i relocate myself to KL.I plan to live here only 3++ years.At the most will be 5 years.Thus,i need to seize all knowledge here in MMC.Hopefully, MMC Miri can accomplish abundance of project this year.I really hope.Pray for my company n me too.Amin

I have intemeresting story, fyi i have special event this May.U wanna know what.Wait till i write about it on May.Hahaha.I give u a hint,this event indicates my small step towards marriage.Heee.Thats about it.Toodles!Hehe

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