Tuesday, May 7, 2013


As i mentioned in my previous post,I hv no work in MMC.No specific task was given to me recently.Not that i mind,its just as someone who being paid to work,i need to buck up and do my responsibility as employee.At first i tot 'okey,got no work to do,lets just read'.Its not as easy as we say,eventually i fed up i end up stop reading.Its because reading needs lots of fokus and if u feel sleepy, reading doesnt do any justice to u.However,i keep reading coz i love to read and i hate browsing fb.I rather open blog or online shopping than open fb coz i dunno.I just wana restrain myself from doing that.FB filled with lots of fraud story.Boring! But then again i still open fb just to stalk. HAHA!

hmm.actually i forgot what i wana tell in this this post.I forgot.OMG,my brain barely works,im starting to forget things! NO! hehe. DRAMA much!. hehe. saje je.

Whatever la! thats it. toodles

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