Tuesday, May 7, 2013

malaysia ni xde pape lah

Nowadays,we are exposed with racist isssues all over Malaysia.I dont know about u,but in my opinion i feel like what UTUSAN wrote yesterday was kinda truth.What the hell they want from us?Please do tell.Its because i also want to know.FYI,i hv no objection against these ppl,seriously i hv none.I used to work with them once,they treated me really nice.However,i found that they hv no value within themselves.What they do is work,they dont care about silaturrahim like Islam ask us to apply in our life.All they know is they want to generate abundance of money.They r willing to be nice to other ppl just because they want something.Sad.In short,i dont think melayu is racist against cha lap ya nun.Its just this is our country,IT IS OUR COUNTRY.Negara ini used to be Tanah Melayu.The saddest part is,The Malays(Bumiputera) dont want 2 support other Malays(Bumiputera).To support them is not a problem,but please let their race support them,plus Malay is the most modest race in Malaysia.Its just Malay cant see other Malay succeed.Ironic.Haih.Thus,i dont think there's any issue la about racism ni.Ini adalah issue dibangkit oleh both parties for their own sake.But please Malay,both parties are suck,but choose wisely.Choose for the sake of one reason which is we want to protect our hak.As a human,u cant be so tamak and want evertyhing.Right?I donno,i just think there's no racism issue.As far as i seen,i never seen Malay or Indian or Chinese wana punch each other everytime we met.NO!NADA!TIADA.So,no racism issue.FULLSTOP!I hope malaysia will be ruled by my race and be better Malaysia.n Most importantly help each other in so many ways!n we cannot think we can get it all!We are not perfect,our laws are not perfect.So choose for only one reason.n with the power we acquired,dont be mean and lets help all people from all races no matter what.

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