Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Best combo

Bila u ada

Jerawat + makin kurus + bf x layan = best combo ever. It hurts deep inside. But whatever. I think we both need time to focus on other thing as well. Especially me. I lack activities to do here in miri. I love the fact that I can do nothing here. But I really love texting my bf. Unfortunately he got bored with it. Coz its the same old story everyday. Tgkla. Die xkan text I nt. He cudnt even bother to reply my txt. Coz his life too hectic I guess. Nk pk die ade skandal. Pikir jgk. Tp I still trust he has no scandal. Sbb klo ade pon I nak buat ape. What shud I do. Kan?. So just continue the same life here in miri. Nanti dh pindah cubicle x blh dh nk emo. Ppl can smell ur sadness. So be happy! N call ur mom always!  

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