Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Emak n bapak

Penah tak rasa mcm nak kahwin tp xnk dgr ckp suami. U still want to cling urself towards ur parents.nk harap parents bg bezday present smpi bila bila.nk mintak duit parents when u hv none.i pernah.kan I kata I nk kawin kn.tp nex year.tp akak I ni loves to push utk sy kawin awal.so I mcm pk.ape yg bes sgt kawin selain u know what.other than that biase je.hmm.pelik kn.i do can tolerate with my bf.tp I xsuke tolerate slalu.n I hv thing like ble gado ngn bf.asik igt parents.pstu nangis.hahaha.tp x kol pon parents.sbb drg smgt I tau.so I tkt klo I kol I nangis.coz there were several times I cried when I express my prob to them.they r my strentgh foreva n eva.i really love myself parents. The way they sacrifice everything for me is just unbearable.i hope when I get married.i hope they know that I always want to be their daughter.n I don wan to lose them.ever kalau blh.i love them forever really.i really dont wan them to let go of me.i jus wan them to feel that zaki is just an addition to my family.not someone who will confiscate me.n I will let them know that im their daughter forever.

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