Friday, August 23, 2013

Kerana kakak tersyg

I always overthink bout my future till the point whr my bf didnt want to entertain me anymore. Sad. Haha. But whtevs. Its scares the hell out of me if my future doesnt end up well. I mean what if I dont get pregnant on times whn I shud be pregnant. What if I change my job but the salary isnt coherent w/ the way I live or w/ the stuff tht I need to constanly pay.what if I still stay in miri few years time.what if what if? ..There are just so many possibilities. If u want me to list down one by one, the post will be as for now.i just want to send my resume n see what the rezeki brings me. Hehe. Just bear in ur mind that u are here bcz of ur sister.hehe

P/s:my miri colleague jus asked if I cud help her look for bunga telor. Sadly I cant help her since im not plannig to go to jln tar when I go back home. :(

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