Wednesday, February 9, 2011

major breakdown mann!

now its 9.15 in a morning.n i have class on 10 am.wth.myra,go take a shower,n pls print cover page of ur just not in the mood.n i HATE my bf now.because he has no effort to actually pujuk me.he even off his phone just because he was not in the mood to talk to me.adoi.mcm ni ka relationship.i tot relationship shud be much simpler than this.i dont know.imma person who just go with the flow.we'll see how k coz rite now if he doesnt wan to contct me,then our relationship is already in fragile stage.we'll see how.coz my heart is totally having a major breakdown for now.i cant,i have event to manage tomoro nite.a bit thats about it.bye.

my stressed-face:

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