Saturday, February 5, 2011

mid sem break tamat . why oh why

EH,i did not realize that my mid sem break ended so not ready to go to class or what so  eva. :( 
right after classes start,i got lot of things i have to do.

1)bout my techcom subject..actually i need to tempah the title for indi prsentation.but i havent done it lecturer asked her students to tempah the title before sem break,but i didnt tempah rite after mid sem ended,i really need to tempah immediately.coz sape cpt die dpt.n other thing is my grup,we did nothing eh.we havent started the interview yet.macam mane nie.some of my grupmate is not willing to sacrifice their free time for this assigment.adoii.camtu,smpi bile pon keje nie x siap.but anyhow anywho,we'll see how it goes.n another thing is the mock interview.that one pon i didnt tempah the date yet.maira maira,,asal makin malas nie.

2)one hour ergometer challenge
uwaa,this event is held on this friday(11 feb 2011).but somehow i think all the AJKs rowing club couldnt even bother bout la susah bile jadi leader.when we give arahan,they just ignore it.but when we didnt give the arahan,they said that 'xde sape gtau pon'.hmm.itula manusia.nak wat cane.mulut ade,but action time,when i do any evnt,i have to start early.btw,this is my first event that i manage.thats y its a bit chaos.haha 

i think thats time ill update y'all.tadaa.

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