Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I Choose to be an electrical engineer.WHY WHY??

mommy!!! i am stressed looking out for the coding which could make the number come out from seven segment display.That only include small part of this project.i dont reach  yet part where we need to know about how we want to do the hardware y'all.*sigh.n for your information,i got C for micropi subject.thus,could u imagine a person who has little knowledge about micropi,but then that person needs to do a project related to this clueles,im helpless,im less less less.haha.tomorow me n my group have meeting with our lab instuctor,hopefully he will together brain-storming with us on how to do this micropi project.sooooo,thats about it.its 12.43 am,i really need to sleep.because for the past 4 days i havent got a chance to rest a little while longer.i was verryyyyy busy with tests.emphasize on alphabet S behind test word.i had 2 test which were Digital Signal Processing and Power System.Alhamdulillah,i could answer both.*,,nite nite y'all.till next post.i leave u guys with a picture that has no connection to my post.hahahaha

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