Wednesday, February 23, 2011

stupid girl do exist in this world.

have u ever thot that u r goin to have an enemy someday.for me,i never ever thot of that.coz i thought dat people are not perfect,so in case if they have any weird kind of attitude,i tot i will be able to ignore it.but there is one person i could not ignore.i cannot tell the name.coz im afraid that if any of my friend from UNITEN read this blog would do their own assumption.i dont want that to happen coz it will cause more trouble.i hate her.coz she could manipulate your mind by saying bad things about other people.she is not a pretty girl pun.thus,i could not understand why she behave like that.she loves to scold towards others just because she thinks she is right and she thinks she could throw away her anger towards stupid is that!i never hate anyone as much as i hate her.before this,i kinda dunt mind if she/he has some lack of good attitudes coz i know we arent perfect,so we just have to deal with other's bad attitudes.but my situation with this girl is out of borderline already.i cant just stand.hope she changed which i dont think she will.because she cares only about her bf more than she cares about her friends.i think one day,if she lose her bf,she will know how important friends are.n how lonely can she gets.

p/s:i love my friends.i barely admit any of my friends as my bestfriend coz im afraid i dont reach that t certain standard to be their bestfriend and im also afraid i jst being plain full out of myself.haha

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