Friday, February 11, 2011

one hour ergo challenge was indeed a happening event.ALHAMDULILLAH

im glad that one hour ergo was happening yesterday..despite some kekurangan here n there,we all dpt overcome those kekurangan dgn okey.n im also glad that we managed to get 12 teams within 2 weeks time.fuhh,lega.n i really appreciate to those who helped me managing this event.without u guys,i am nothing. : )

i hope after this all UNITEN  student dont underestimate UNITEN rowers anymore just because they think rowing looks like an easy,rowing needs lots of commitment,without it,u go nowhere.rowing also needs technique.we cannot just row on ergo machine without asking anyone for a guidance to row .hahaha.

during that event,it was funny to see those who row on ergo machine.they used lots of technique base on their understanding.there were those who pull the ergo but hold the handle in the middle,that technique was wrong,coz if u do that,ur power is goin nowhere.u have to hold the handle at tepi2 skit.agaga.they were also participant who think that the more baring u are,the more power u get.haha.itu lawak!that is also wrong.on real boat,if u do that u may capsize.hahaha.the faces expression that made by participants were very funny.especially those foreigners.hahaha

here some photos of me n ma frens n kazen during that event.


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