Monday, March 12, 2012

final year project n tests.

stress !
this thursday ill have two tests which are rf and pci.i cudnt understand ladder diagram in pci subject.ive asked nana to teach but she seems having lots of tests dis week plus tomorow is her control test,so ill have to tolerate with,who is going to teach me ladder diagram.On subject rf,also i have some questions to be pondering on.there were here n there confusing part i couldnt find the solution of stressed out.hehe.lagi pulak,this friday my supervisor wanted me to do slides on progress i have done on my fyp project.the thing is,i have no progress at all.its sickening to do things u cannot understand.the fact that u have read about it n whtnot,still u cant capture what it was all about.pity me :( .okey thats about it.toodles

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