Saturday, March 24, 2012


last night,i went to snsd's showcase.Petronas invited them to perform.Eventho i only seen them from big screen,but the excitement of waiting them to show up was just the same.HAHAHA.i tot i wasnt excited bout snsd coming to malaysia.boy! i was wrong,i was super excited.HAHAH.boleh tak?but i wasnt that excited till the point i want to buy the fanzone ticket,its just too much if i did i have no money.Unless beyonce is coming,im willing to borrow from my mom.hehe.

Like i said,i only seen them from screen.i cant see them in real life.pity me.since i didnt sacrifice my money to sit a little bit front from where i stood.its okey,but lots of people actually didnt have the opportunity to stand up in the fanzone,nevertheless they enjoy the show.i love when snsd's fans together sung with them,it was funn.Fyi,snsd not only has lots of female fan,the male fans on that day also were enjoying the show as well.i was quite amazed by amount of guys coming to that showcase for the sake of snsd.

i just wanna share with u guys my experienced when the show happened.There was one chinese guy,i think bout 30 ish year old,he really enjoyed the show till when the run devil run came out,he actually wanted to run just to imitate the snsd.hahah.funny.n the way he shook his head,like chicken already.head moved back n front all the way.n he remembered each words from snsd's song.fanatic tak hengat ponye! haha

oklah malas nk tulis pjg2.bye!

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