Monday, March 5, 2012

nak handphone baru

hi people! whaddup y'all.
hehe.fav sentence.its been along time since i blog.HAHAHAHAHA.kannnnn,mmg lama pon.malas nk layan.
btw,i want new hp so that i cant update my blog there any generous person who willing to buy a new
handphone for me.hehe.okey im kidding.serius nak hp hp now has only 2 megapixel camera.pppl nowadays have already use 5 want too :( .whatever myra.bersyukur pls :p.when nt i start working,1st thing i wana buy hp that provide multiple function.

ok enuf with new hp story.btw,this week i will participate in brooks marathon in distance of 10km.heee.i cant wait.usually i participate in marathon with my bf,but now its different enviroment,intan will accompany running 10km so excited.i bet she must be nervous at the beginning of the running.coz i always did,even when i have participated in marathon several bf has registered to run as well,unfortunately he will not be joining since he said he doesnt train himself at first i was a bit frustrated,but then again its up to him.not that i belanje him to participate in this event ritee.hence,he will be only be my cameraman of the day during that event.heee.more pictures of likey.hehehe.

other thing is,i went to kuching las friday for majlis bertandang im back.hehe.kuching was fun.but the fun degrades when my older bro n sis n maktam's family went back home one day earlier than mom la decided to overstayed just to meet her long lost fren.lost la sgt.over tau.haha.but its least my mom was very happy seeing her fren.i was glad.hehe.dahla.boring la cite i nie.i wrote this just for the sake of me reading it.dah la no pictures blog ni.lagi la boring nyer.hehe


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