Wednesday, March 28, 2012


POSITIF.what is positive? what ? what?

positif is anything relates to good things. except for HIV la. if u go for medical check up, n end up by having positif.thats bad. okey. lame joke.zzz. btw, i just wonder,have y'all being positif too much till u reach the point where u want to scream all nite long coz u feel like u've been burden  by thinking positively or in other word having high tak?so im the only one la nie.ok x kesah.dont u think if u too positive ,u end up hoping too much.i dont know.

ive been reading lots of blogs nowadays.most of the blogs i read,all have good family background.some not that wealthy but but they kinda mampu to buy basic living things.some too wealthy till can be schooling in private the point is i envy to these ppl coz from wht i saw,their life somehow went smoothly there were no downside part.but i have no idea wht they went thru be positif je lah.n jgn ade high hope.chill aje.if u feeling down,talk to someone.

ape aku merepek nie. dh la. toodles.

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